Helping Hands
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About us

Helping Hands is an independent voluntary aid organization that was founded 1995 in Sweden, by a small group of people, with a wish to be of help and assistance to those in need of aid and support in primarily Eastern Europe and the Baltics. In recent years even more destinations were added to our aid programs.

We started by sending hospital equipment that we received from the closing of Boo Hospital in Nacka, Stockholm to a hospital in Latvia. The situation was severe as they were in great need of equipment and had they not received our aid they would have had greater difficulty in continuing their work.

Since then we have been able to help in many different places and we are grateful to have been able to complete every commitment.

Helping Hands is very thankful for the generous people and companies that donate clothes and other necessities to our aid shipments. Their support has enabled us to aid many in need.